Some common McAfee subscription issues?

08 March, 2019

McAfee is system security software that is working in the IT sector from a long time period of more than 3 decades, it is known for providing efficient protection to all the systems and devices from all types of unwanted harmful elements such as malware, spyware, Trojans and viral attacks.

This type of security guard has now become a basic necessity of every system as along with the technology taking new turns every day the risk of the systems getting attacked by dangerous viruses and getting effected by some online risks is also increasing rapidly.

However, it’s not just about installing security software on the system it is about a lot more. As soon as security software is installed on the system it becomes the responsibility of the user to keep it safe and secure from all types of errors and glitches as then only the software will be able to provide the user with efficient security measures for his or her system.

It’s not just about the technical errors that the user gets to deal with while using a security software moreover when it is McAfee antivirus then sometimes the user is also seen confused with basic procedures like subscriptions, activations, installations and a lot more.

Here we will talk about various subscriptions related questions that are very frequently asked by McAfee users.

Transferring McAfee subscription to a new system – For transferring the subscription to a new system the user first needs to deactivate the license from the previous system for that he or she needs to follow the given steps –

• On the system open the browser and search for McAfee official website.
• From the list of options click on “My account”
• Enter the registered Email address and password.
• After that click log in.
• Then choose the system from which the software is to be removed.
• Then click “deactivate.”
• Start the installation on your new system for that click “download”
• Further follow the on screen instructions.

Once the software is installed then you can get it activated on the new system by using the same old registered Email ID and password.

Checking licenses available on each subscription – In order to check licenses available on each McAfee subscription the user should follow the given steps –

• On the system open the browser then go to official McAfee website.
• Click on “My account” then click on “sign in”
• Then enter registered Email address and password then click on “log in”
• Then click on “+” tab.
• Then choose the devices that are to be protected.
• You will then get to see a list of available licenses.

Upgrading existing subscription – If you need to upgrade existing subscription of McAfee then for that follow the given steps –

• In the taskbar double click “McAfee
• Click the option “your subscription’
• Then click on “Buy a subscription”
• Then click “Buy now”
• Enter your billing information and then select “Payment Method”
• Further follow on screen instructions to complete the purchase.

If you are still facing any sort of problem with the subscription procedure then for further help connect with the McAfee experts.